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Released April 2015. Identified as model S070Q.

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Why is my Blu Studio Selfie not charging?

I Plugged in my phone to the charger using a wall outlet but it is not charging, what could the issue be?

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1. Have you proved that the wall outlet is working?

2. Have you tried a different compatible wall charger?

3. Have you tried connecting it to a working PC via a USB cable and see if starts to charge?

4. Have you tried a different known working USB cable to see if it works?

If you have tried all the above options and your phone still fails to indicate that it is charging then it is either a faulty charging port in the phone, faulty charging circuit in the phone or a faulty battery.

Hopefully this will help you to find your problem

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Hi ehab,

Try using different chargers since that might be the reason. Make sure your phone is properly connected. If none of the previous comments have work you have a bad battery. This troubleshooting-click here- page can help solve this problem. For a broken phone, go over the owners guide, and check the warranty. Contact BLU for further assistance on your claim.

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