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An aviation themed analog luxury watch from Breitling.

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removing the bezel safely

How you you remove the bezel of a Breitling Navitimer Safely?

I heard there are screws holding the bezel down. hoo do i find these screws?

the gap between the bezel and case can barely fit a piece of paper. i can't get a knife in there. i plan to use a razor blade and see what happens.

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Again I repeat don't try to use any blade as it could be held be three screws inside if its a later Navitimer.

Whereas the earlier 806 model can be lifted from outside with a proper Watchmakers blade.

Kind Regards,


Tony Arnold {Director}

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It depends on the model number etc

kind Regards


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Don't use a razor blade, the edge could break and send shards into sensitive tissues, like your eyes. Yikes!

A watchmaker's tool or iFixit's Jimmy tool would be better.

Immagine Jimmy




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