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Former film student, reviewer, musician (Irish Traditional), US Coast Guard avionics tech and aircrewman (I got to play over the caribbean with a super expensive Westinghouse APG-66 F-16 radar system plus more), infopreneur, public radio producer, now software QA and BA, art museum volunteer, track performance driving enthusiast. Love gadgets, home theater tech, person-focused technology advances, hiking, cooking, eating, sleeping, dreaming. My income doesn't support my Criterion Collection aspirations. Things I don't love: technology that is faulty, gadgets with built-in guaranteed obsolescence, software that's poorly conceived or is hostile to the user, companies whose "business needs" outweigh their obligation of service to customers, bad food, selfish people. (I'd say I dislike egoistic, aggressive people, but sometimes I are one. We have seen the enemy....)

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