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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Honda Civic, first released in late 1991.

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Why is the parking brake light is always on?

Why is the parking light is always on?

As soon as i turn on the car the light goes on, and even when i drive the parking brake still stay on.

How do i get it off?

The Hand brake is down (released)

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it is the swich at the hand brake lever


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In that year Civic you should check your brake fluid. The e-brake light comes on when the fluid is low in that car.



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Could be a faulty MaterCylnder Fluid Level switch , there is a switch

with a plug on the MasterCylnder somtimes thay go bad and thay are simple to replace . ask your local auto parts store thay should help get you the right part , Remember right down all the cars ( Year , make , model , motor size , and VIN # this will get you tthe wright part .

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I installed a new master cylinder and all new brake fluid, the light still stayed "On." Then did a continuity check on the new factory float switch. The sensor will not turn "Off" the dash indicator light until the float is well above the "maximum brake fluid level line." Solution: A plastic zip-tie placed around the float shaft to hold the float up to the bottom of the reservoir cap.


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all above answers are right except logan's.... hes just being a __________ "insert adjetive"

on the actual lever, there is also a switch that is triggered when you raise it

move the center console and determine if it broke... easy to tell since it has a little arm that triggers it

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On the actual break peddle there is a piece of plastic that will break overtime from the heat. When this breaks there is nothing for the button to press which would leave the lights on. This was the problem in my case.

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