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If you are experiencing difficulties with your robot, please visit our Neato Botvac D8000 Troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Botvac D8000 was released May 2015 and is produced by Neato Robotics, a California based company founded in 2005. The D8000 is especially designed to pick up human and pet hair.

It uses breakthrough laser guided technology to map out a room and create cleaning courses that ensures a thorough cleaning in less time.

The D-series is the second generation of Neato robot vacuums and includes the D75, D80 and D85. The D8000 is the entry level model of the D-series . The D80 and D85 have a black top cover and come with a carpet brush. Its D-shape allows it to clean as close as 10 millimeters to the walls. D-series Botvacs have the ability to return to their charging base after cleanings or in between cleanings if they must cover an area larger than 3000 sq ft per cleaning cycle.

Additional Information

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