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LG VX4500 Troubleshooting

The VX4500 was released in 2004. It is a flip phone with an internal and external LCD display.

Phone won't turn on

Your phone will not start up

Battery is Dead

Battery needs to be charged or battery is not able to be charged. If the battery runs down within minutes of a full charge it is time to replace the battery pack.

Visit the Battery Repair Guide for help replacing the battery.

Bad Logic Board

If the phone doesn't function even while plugged in, you probably have a bad logic board.

Visit the Logic Board Repair Guide for help replacing the logic board.

Damaged screen

First check the screen for any cracks. Next try resetting the phone by turning it off then back on again. If your screen is cracked or doesn't work after a reset the screen may be bad.

Visit the LCD Display Repair Guide for help replacing the screen.

Disconnected/damaged ribbon cable

Another possibility is the cable connecting the body of the phone to screen is damaged or disconnected. This is mostly like to occur with age or after dropping the phone.

Visit the Ribbon Cable Repair Guide for help repairing or replacing the ribbon cable.

No Sound or Bad Audio Quality

When placing a call, you cannot here anything coming from the speaker.

Broken Speaker

Continual abuse and a constant level of high volume can cause a speaker to "blow" causing fuzzy, unclear sound.

If the speaker is not making any sound at all then the speaker is either bad or has been disconnected from the logic board. If after reconnecting the speaker to the logic board, you still cannot hear anything, the speaker is bad and will need to be replaced.

Visit the Speaker Repair Guide for help replacing the logic board.

Cannot be heard

When placing a call, the person on the other end cannot hear you.

Broken Microphone

If they cannot hear you at all then either the microphone itself is bad or the connection to the logic board is bad. If the connection is good or still doesn't function after reconnecting the microphone will need to be replaced.

Visit the Logic Board Repair Guide for help replacing the logic board.

Keypad doesn't work

Pressing buttons on the keypad does not produce any letters or numbers on the display.

Keypad is misaligned

Ensure that the keypad is properly aligned. The keypad works by pressing a switch on the logic board every time a button is depressed. If the keypad isn't lined up correctly when you depress the key the switch isn't pressed.

Debris under keypad

Check to see if there is any material between the keypad and logic board. If there is any foreign objects, free floating in this area remove it immediately.

Visit the Keypad Repair Guide for help replacing the keypad.

Screen has a Crack/Won't Light Up

Broken Screen

If there is a visible crack in the screen, it will need to be replaced to function properly. If it won't light up, try restarting the phone first. If it still does not light up, the screen may need to be replaced.

Phone has been Dropped in Water

Water Inside the Phone

If the phone has been dropped in water, or water is visible underneath the screen, you should take apart the phone and let it sit and dry. If the phone does not work after this, the water may have caused permanent damage.

where can I buy a battery for lg vx4500 phone.


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