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Will Not Charge Your Apple Device

Apple device's charge indicator does not appear when connected.

Check Power

Be sure that your dock is connected to a wall outlet or your computer so that it will charge your device.

Error Message "Charging is not supported with this accessory"

This problem may be caused by a poor connection between the dock and your Apple device and can be resolved by disconnecting the iPhone/iPod and:

  • Waiting a minute before reconnecting it to the JBL dock
  • Cleaning the connectors on both the JBL dock and the Apple device
  • Cycling the power of both the dock and Apple device

Music Will Not Play

Power is on but the music will not play out of the JBL speaker.

Check That Your iPhone/iPod Indicates that a Connection has been Made

If your Apple device does not indicate that it is connected disconnect and reconnect it to the JBL dock.

Volume at Zero

Be sure that the volume is not turned off. Raise the volume on both your device and the JBL speaker.

Connected by Auxiliary Cord

If using an auxiliary cord instead of the dock, be sure that the connection between the JBL speaker and your device is not loose.

If the auxiliary cord fits loosely:

*disconnect then reconnect the auxiliary cord

*otherwise, see: Disassembling the Circuit Board

Music is Distorted

Static, buzzing, and/or humming noises are playing through the JBL speaker while playing music.

Input Cable May Be Improperly Connected

Be sure that the input cord is not loose.

Volume Too High

Distortion may occur when the volume level is too high for some devices. Lower the volume.

Equalizer (EQ) Setting Too High

Change the EQ setting to flat or turn it off.

Source Problem

If the distortion only occurs on some songs, those songs may have been recorded or downloaded improperly. Re-download those songs from another source.

Loose or Disconnected Speaker

One or more of the wires to a speaker are disconnected. Use this guide to reconnect them: JBL On Stage II Speakers Replacement

Unresponsive Button

The volume is stuck on high or low, or the power button is unresponsive.

Volume Stuck On High

There may be a short circuit. [See this guide.] This is a chip level problem and involves replacing a surface mount chip on a circuit board

Power Button

See JBL On Stage II Power Button Replacement for replacing a broken button.

Dock Connector is Loose

The connector is loose and the dock will not play music from your iPhone/iPod.

Connector is Broken

See JBL On Stage II 30-Pin Connector Replacement for replacing broken connector.

Will Not Turn On

Using JBL speaker in another country and now your speaker does not work.

Check Power

Be sure that your dock is connected to a wall outlet or your computer so that it will turn on.

Power Brick has Gone Bad

The country that the device is being used in may have different power standards than the country it was purchased or regularly used in. Purchase a different power supply or a power converter. [guide]

Regarding "Volume stuck on high", where is the mentioned guide?

Very frustrating that this speaker doesn't work properly after only 4 years.

goblazers - Replica

I have a JBL micro stage II that worked great in China/HK on my 4th generation iPod. I purchased an iPod Nano Red here in the US, the speaker (using adapter from HK to US power) caused my iPod to skip songs even after a few notes or a few bars. I returned the iPod and it still skipped at the Apple store so it did damage the iPod. When I put in the new iPod, it skipped again. So I stopped using it. I was hoping to change the cord but it seems to be more mechanical than that. An Amazon customer complained of the same skipping.

lindamhot - Replica

Is there a reset button

Roger Dick - Replica

I just get a power hum

Roger Dick - Replica

hi when i put my ipod on the dock the ipod turns it self of n then back on again y is that

tearahi taueki - Replica

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