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HP Stream 11-d010nr Troubleshooting

This HP Stream 11-d010nr is an inexpensive laptop that was released in 2015. It features a webcam, 32GB of embedded multimedia card storage, and comes installed with Windows 8.1.

The Laptop Will not Turn On

The power button does not turn the laptop on.

The Laptop Is not charged

If your laptop is not turning on, it is possible the battery has no charge. Plug the laptop charger into the laptop and wait for the battery to charge. If the device is charging, the light next to the charging port should turn on. If not, the battery or charger may be the issue.

The Charger Is Faulty

If your laptop is not turning on automatically after you plug it into the charger, the charger itself may be faulty. Plug the charger into another compatible device to see if it is faulty or not. If this other device also doesn’t charge while plugged in, then the charger may need to be replaced.

The Battery Is Faulty

If your laptop is plugged into a working charger but the laptop still does not turn on, your laptop may possess a faulty battery and you may have to replace it. HP has discontinued this laptop so you will need to acquire a replacement battery from a third-party retailer.

Click here to go to the battery replacement guide.

The Keys Are Sticky

The keys on the laptop keyboard are getting stuck, not coming up, or not responding.

The Key(s) Are Dirty

Sometimes dirt, water, or food get stuck between the keys causing them to not respond properly. Use compressed air to blow away any loose dust particles between the keys. You may also use a Q-tip to clean in between keys.

The Key(s) Are Faulty

If the key still doesn’t come back up after cleaning, the spring under the individual key may be broken or missing. If the spring is broken or missing you will need to remove the keyboard and replace the individual spring. It is recommending to not replace the entire keyboard, and instead to just replace the spring for individual keys.

Click here to go to the keyboard replacement guide.

The ClickPad Is not Reading Fingertips

The cursor is not responding to ClickPad movement or clicking the ClickPad.

The ClickPad Is Dirty

If the ClickPad has dirt, water, or dust on top of it, its ability to respond to touch and clicks will be impaired. Clean the ClickPad by gently rubbing it with a slightly damp cloth until it is clean, then dry the ClickPad thoroughly using a dry cloth.

The ClickPad Is Turned Off

The ClickPad might be turned off from the laptop’s settings. To turn it back on without using an external mouse, press the windows key and use the keyboard’s arrow keys to highlight “This PC” and press enter. After this, press backspace once and then use the arrow keys once again to highlight “Control Panel” and press enter. Then, use the arrow keys to select “Hardware and Sound.” Finally, use the arrow keys to select “Mouse,” which is located under the subheading “Devices and Printers.” In the resulting window, look for the option that says “ClickPad Enable” and turn it on if it is disabled.

If you do have an external mouse, the same procedure from above may be followed, although you can use your mouse to navigate the windows as opposed to the arrow keys.

The ClickPad Is Faulty

If the ClickPad still fails to work after cleaning it and turning it on in the settings, then it may be faulty and need a replacement.

Click here to go to the ClickPad replacement guide.

The Webcam Is not Working or Blurry

The webcam is showing blurry video or not showing video at all.

The Webcam Is Turned Off

If your webcam is not working, start by opening the start menu and searching for device manager. In device manager locate imaging devices and right click on webcam and click enable.

The Webcam Is Blurry

If your webcam is working but it is blurry, take a clean soft cloth and wipe the webcam clean.

The Webcam Is Faulty

If the webcam is enabled and is still not working, it may be necessary to replace the webcam.

Click here to go to the webcam replacement guide.

The Wifi Connection Is Poor

The HP Stream cannot connect to wifi.

The Wifi Is Turned Off

If your laptop is not connecting to wifi, first check to see if your device’s wifi connection is enabled. Open the start menu and search for wifi. Navigate to wifi settings and enable wifi.

The Router Is Obscured or Too Far

If your laptop is not connecting to wifi and the device’s wifi is enable, try moving closer to the wifi router. Always make sure that there are no obstructions between you and the router.

The Wifi Chip Is Faulty

If your laptop’s wifi connection is enabled and there are no obstructions between you and the router, yet your laptop is still not connecting to wifi, your device’s wifi chip may be faulty.

Click here to go to the wifi chip replacement guide.

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