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Dell XPS 15 L521X Troubleshooting

Due to the Dell XPS being a closed system, all replacements will require you to open up the device.

Wifi Not Working

You cannot access the internet

WiFi is Off

This is the simplest of all the problems, simply go down to your toolbar and make sure the wifi is turned on. If this doesn't fix anything, read on.

WiFi Card Has Gone Bad

This will require you to open the device up from the bottom, and is a bit more complicated then the previous fix but is still pretty easy. The wifi replacement guide can be found by following this link.

Blue Screen on Start-up

This is a complicated problem to fix, because it can be caused by so many things

SSD Defective

Your SSD is where some of your files are held. So if this is the problem then it is likely that you will lose your files. With this in mind, you can replace your SSD by following this link.

Hard Drive Broken

The Dell XPS 15 has both a hard drive and SSD for storage, therefore either one of these can be what is causing your blue screen. So if the previous fix didn't work try this one. The hard drive can be fixed if you follow our hard drive replacement guide. As with the SSD, changing out your hard drive will most likely delete some of your files so be prepared for that.

RAM Faulty

As was said before this problem can be caused by almost anything, so lastly your RAM could also be the problem. Switching out the RAM is simple, and is essentially plug and play. The hardest part is removing the bottom panel, but follow this guide on how to switch out your RAM and you'll be fine.

Computer frequently freezing

This can be a very frustrating, but the fix is simpler than you think. This only has one real cause

Computer Needs to Restart

This sounds too good to be true but sometimes all your computer needs is to be turned off. If your computer is constantly turned on try this, you might get lucky.

RAM Faulty

If not, you are going to need to replace your RAM, this is a very easy fix and is exaplained in our guide. It does require you to take off the back cover of your device, but the actual RAM extraction doesn't require you to remove any screws. This is about as simple as it gets. This can be done by following our this guide .

Computer Dying Quickly

This has one major cause, which is the battery. Batteries wear out over time and must be replaced every once in a while.

Bad Battery

Changing out your battery will also require you to open up your device, your battery should be right on top of everything else and only require you to take out a few screws. You can see this process more in depth if you follow this guide . Make sure you keep all the screws in a safe place so they don't get lost.

Computer Wont Turn On

This is an issue that only has two major causes. If anything else is wrong with your computer you would usually recieve a blue screen as explained above.

Bad Battery

Try plugging in your computer and turning it on, if it turns on now that you have it plugged in then the battery has gone bad. This can be easily replaced if you follow this guide .

Computer Screen is Broken

This can be the other reason for your computer not turning on. If all the lights come on and plugging in your computer makes no difference then most likely its the screen. You should proceed by finding a replacment screen and switching it out.

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