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USF Tampa, Team S15-G3, Boczar Spring 2018

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Tag del Team: USFT-BOCZAR-S18S15G3

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Motorola Moto G4 Battery Replacement

Replace the Moto G4's battery so that it will last longer and hold a full...

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Motorola Moto G4 Motherboard Replacement

The motherboard is the central unit of wires and circuits that power the...

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Moto G4 Vibration Motor Replacement

Replace the vibration motor in your Moto G4 to enable phone to use its...

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Moto G4 Front-facing Camera Replacement

Replace Front Camera of Moto G4

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Moto G4 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly Replacement

Replace a cracked or faulty display as a complete assembly, including the...

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Moto G4 Rear-facing Camera Replacement

Rear camera cracked, broken, or not working properly, easy Motorola Moto G4...