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Clemson, Team 6-6, Benson Spring 2014

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Tag del Team: CLEM-BENSON-S14S6G6

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Siemens A56 SIM Card Replacement

The SIM card needs to be replaced when bringing this phone to new service...

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Siemens A56 Keyboard Replacement

If the phone keyboard is damaged or is malfunctioning this guide explains how...

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Siemens A56 Front Plate Replacement

This front plate can be replaced if broken or to have a more appealing cover.

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Disassembling Siemens A56 Motherboard Metal Frame

This guide will instruct the user how to remove the metal frame from around...

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Siemens A56 Back Plastic Cover Replacement

This guide will remove the internal back plastic cover of the Siemens A56....

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Disassembling Siemens A56 Motherboard from Keypad Interface

This guide will instruct the user how to separate the motherboard from the...

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Siemens A56 LCD Display Replacement

A guide for removing a malfunctioning LCD screen for the Siemens A56.

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Siemens A56 Battery Replacement

This guide will describe the steps necessary to remove the back cover and...

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Siemens A56 Clean Charging Port Replacement

This is used to clean the charging port of the phone to get rid of corrosion...