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LG G6 Rear Cover Adhesive

  • LG G6 Rear Cover Adhesive
LG G6 Rear Cover Adhesive

6,99 USD

6,99 USD

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Replace the adhesive film that secures the rear cover panel to the back of your LG G6 smartphone.

Complete your replacement of the rear cover with new adhesive. There is no measuring, cutting, trimming, or shaping needed with these custom cut adhesive strips.



  • LG G6


AT&T (H871)
Europe (H870)
Sprint (LS993)
T-Mobile (H872)
Verizon (VS998)

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Il Mio Problema

Two year old battery was needing recharge more than once a day.

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It went well. The two trickiest points were in getting a wedge to break the adhesive seal of the back. Heat gun helped, but I needed a knife blade to initially break the seal. After that sliding a guitar pick around the edge did the r . . .