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Computer desktop all-in-one prodotti da Apple. Gli iMac sono stati dotati di processori Intel a partire dal gennaio 2006.

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Hard drive Firmware Password

i have a imac 21.5" and i have a firmware password on it and dont remember setting one its disabled all the commands when you turn the imac on i cant reset it from a disc without this password i cant find what model it is or what its running...just wondering if i just got a new hard drive (internal) would this fix the problem and i can just boot it up from a osx disc and if so how do i know what kind of hard drive ill need to get or is there other ways to fix this..thanks guys

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Hey! Try removing all the RAM, wait for at least 5 minutes, and then reassemble.

If that doesn't work, try this.

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i tried but still nothing and i cant go to apple to help because i was not the persn that bought the imac and the previous owner is overseas


You can call and ask if they'll do it anyway. There are many second- and third-hand-Macs around, they can't ignore all those machines.


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