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Speakers making weird sound after HD replacement.

I just replaced my HD in my PowerBook, now the speakers are making like a fuzzy sound. It is constant. They still work like when you start it up you you hear the bing sound but it is very annoying. Sounds like when you turn your tv on but there is not a channel so you get the snow and that annoying fuzz sound. Just like that. Any suggestions?

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On the 17" PB G4 1.67 high-Res. the sound board is located near the hard drive and you must disconnect the sound board cable to take off the hard drive. I don't know if there's a direct relation between the sound board and the speakers but you should double check the sound board cable connections to the sound board and to the logic board.

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Had same situation. It is easy to accidently trap a sound system wire under the top left hard drive bracket screw and not notice it. When tightened down and clamped hard, wire will pick up interference from the hard drive. Take the top left HD bracket screws out, free the trapped sound system wire. Re-tighten the HD bracket and your sound interference problem should be cured.

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Can you remove the drive and boot to a OS disk? Is the noise still there? If not you may want to try a different drive. Good luck, Ralph

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