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Model M5884 / 400 or 500 MHz G4 processor

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One of two back from the dead

I have 2 of these. One nice, clean one (case like new, but low spec) bought very cheap last year, to replace the other I have had for years, and looks like it just got back from Afghanistan. I was changing around the memory, keyboard, HD, optical drive. When I finished, both worked fine.

Then I left for 3 months, came back & they were both dead. Really dead. Nothing. Reset button pushed, battery only, adapter only. Nothing. No electrical click or crackles, no response of any kind. Fried logic boards, I decided. Static while changing memory, etc.

3 months later I come back again. One (the Afghan vet with all the bum kit that came with the new guy) suddenly fires up like magic when I press the start button. The new guy with the good stuff remains dead.

What happened? Can I get the new guy to emulate the vet? Or will I have to swap the good stuff back into the Afghan, and look like a hippy again?

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HI, Using the battery and power block from the one that works reset the pmu (button next to the video out on the back) and try again. If that doesn't work it could be the logic board. Ralph

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or the pram battery that need to be replaced.


Yes it could be the PRAM battery and I would try that before the logic board. Ralph


Here's where to get the PRAM battery:


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If you plan to go through batteries like you seem to be doing, I would get one with a two year warranty from Fastmac.

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Thanx all

I'll try replacing the PRAM battery. But I'm now wondering abt the OS.

A couple of other machines (Air, Ti Onyx ) have recently shown a tendency to have temporary blackouts, particularly if I leave them on sleep and the battery runs down. They come back after a few forced reboots, but they take their time, and it's scary while it happens.

I don't recall this happening in the old OS9 etc days. Then, you could tell what was happening at startup from the noises, time lag, etc, until the smiley face after the Apple chip had done its checks. OS problems would only show at that time.

So, I'm wondering if OSX might be the problem. Both the 400s are running 10.4. I think the Onyx is on 10.5.

Could this be an OSX bug?..... or a feature?

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How much RAM are you running and how much free hard drive space do you have. I would max the RAM out (RAM is much much cheaper than when this machine came out.10.5 is a pretty heavy system for a G4 500 MHz machine. System 9 had a lot of features that I miss


What I really miss is being able to play any of my old games. Of course I still miss Wizardry from my Apple II days. You might want to remove those batteries when on deployment.


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Yeah, just when they got OS9 really good (after the 7.5 etc disasters), they pulled it.

RAM is maxed out, & the HD should be OK. I know 10.4 & 5 are heavy, but when it goes it goes.

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