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The Rabbit R1 is a portable handheld AI assistant that can be used to automate daily tasks.

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Can the battery be easily removed and swapped?

One of the main reasons that hold me from buying the device is the really small battery, is there a way to replace it with a bigger one, or is it even worth it since it only supports 0.5mA recharge?

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Technically the answer is yes if you have a soldering iron but you will have to find a battery that has the same voltage and form factor not to mention you will have to solder it in and you will probably be hard to find a battery like that but the company behind the Rabbit R1 is actively working to correct its poor battery issues and if you wait a bit the battery life will probably be much better

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I feel like the answer is "no" if the question has the word "easily" and the response has the word "soldering".


@wingman4l7 soldering isn't hard provided you have the right materials. Plus its not like you have to microsolder it.

And the company behind it knows it's issues and atleast some of the battery problems will be solved with the user doing nothing


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Hey there @wingman4l7,

iFixit recently put out a teardown for the R1 and the Humane AI Pin. The battery itself is connected to the R1's motherboard with a press connector, which shouldn't require any soldering to remove, but you will need a heating pad, and an opening pick or jimmy to get into the R1.

But to answer your question, you could upgrade your R1 with one with a higher Watt-hour battery, provided it has the same voltage output, 0.5mA recharge, and it is compatible with the connection on your R1's motherboard.

Try and think of it like upgrading the fuel tank in a car to a larger one. It should work as long as you don't change the type of fuel, and the tank fits properly in your car.

Hope this was helpful!

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