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Released on July 28th, 2017, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console succeeding the Nintendo 2DS.

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2ds xl had screen snapped off, replaced lcd, still not powering on

I already opened up the console, before I put in my new lcd I had taken the original screen off the 2ds xl. Instead of placing the new lcd into the frame of the old one, I just plugged it in straight away. When unboxing this lcd though, I noticed there was a little tear right in front of where the cable is supposed to make contact with the lcd connector (something that wasnt on the half of the original lcd screen I had to unplug from the 2ds). I plugged it in the right way, powered on the 2ds, it wouldnt turn on. Mind you I had inner camera unplugged at this point. I then plugged inner camera in, then screen, same thing. So i unplugged the screen, thinking i put it in the wrong way, so I put it in the opposite way, closed the little latch for the cable, powered on the 2ds xl, same thing. bottom screen flashes white, then powers off instantly. top screen, nothing. was this a faulty screen?

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When the screen flashes white and then powers off, indicates that there is a problem with the ribbon cable.

Check both the upper and lower screens to see if the cable is all way in the socket (if it's not fully in, then you will also get the white flash screen issue). It needs to be fully in (this differs then other ribbon cables), otherwise it fails.

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I'm not 100% certain about this, but doesn't the white flash on the bottom screen indicate a problem with the top screen connection? In short, yes, it was a faulty screen


Correct! The lower screen flashing means the upper screen is at fault. If the upper screen is flashing, then the lower screen is at fault.


@dan0 upon closer inspection and upon showing my friend who does repairs on alot of iphones, he said yeah the ribbon cable came in defective, the seller on ebay is already shipping me a new screen, hopefully it works this time, also, just to confirm, I had this 2ds xl hacked, so I need to have an sd card in there while its booting. but, what else should I have connected to the 2ds xl so it can boot? I hear you need the inner camera ribbon cable along with the wifi antenna to get the 2ds to boot, is this true?


Alright! Hopefully the new replacement will get you back to gaming :)!

The inner canmera should be connected yes.

You can leave the wifi antenna cables disconnected. BUT the wifi card it self need to be connected to the motherboard! Otherwise it won’t boot.

Good luck with the repair!


@cgnfake I'm a bit late with this, but even a CFW 3ds should be able to boot without an sd. If yours can't, you don't have luma installed to CTRNAND. Open gm9, press HOME, and select Scripts > GM9Megascript > Scripts from Plailect's Guide > Setup Luma3DS to CTRNAND. That will copy luma to internal memory and let your console work sd-free again


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