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I downloaded a ZIP file that integreated into a system file, what do I

My AZPEN computer: Model X1450E is now corrupted with a file that is now part of my system. And I don't know how to fix it. or reset it to Factory Settings, Please help me!

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Hi @michaelgre53998

Try running an anti virus program from a USB flashdrive, plugged into the PC.

Plug the USB into the laptop and then when first starting the laptop get into BIOS menus by pressing either F1, F2, or the Del key and change the boot priority order to USB first boot option and save the changes. (I couldn't find a user manual for your model that described how to get into the BIOS menus so hopefully you have one or know how to do this or try the key options mentioned. You need to press the key in between when the maker's logo appears and before it boots into Windows so you only have a short time so try tapping the key rapidly)

The A/V program should run from the USB drive and hopefully clear the infected files from the operating system

Here's a link that may help

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