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LT2323p Wide LCD Monitor - Type 3024 - Model 3024HC1

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Brightness Menu Randomly Pops Up

The last few days my, what appears to be, Brightness Menu keeps popping up randomly. Sometimes, I assume where the button is stuck for 15 seconds, causing the Menu Lock or Unlock to popup.

When I first purchased the monitor, second hand, the Power button wasn't always responsive and has never improved. Either way, the monitor's performance is effective.

Guessing I need to disassemble and clean the contacts and around the plastic buttons. Otherwise, if the PCB contacts are not restorable, I'll have to replace the PCB for the buttons.

Any thoughts, questions, comments and or suggestions?

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Hi @jafinch78

Does pressing the brightness control button make the brightness menu option go away?

If so it seems like the button may be the problem. Most probably it is a tactile type switch so cleaning the switch contacts won't be an option.

You could try replacing it with a similar type of switch (examples only) as there doesn't seem to be any replacement panel control boards (if that's what it is mounted on), available when searching online for it and none mentioned in the parts list either.

Don't know if this is a help or not but here's a teardown video for a ThinkVision monitor. I don't know which model so hopefully it may still give some clues as to how to open it up.

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Hi @jayeff,

No, though the button furthest to the left does at times. I made a disassembly video and will upload when I get the time. Seems like will be a good addition on YT and here, as I didn't find any specific for the model and the design is unique. I did spray the switches with contact cleaner since they were the more exposed appearing to be contacts on the bottom side. Guessing the menu and brightness switches are worn, however I do wonder if when being stuck for prolonged periods they may have caused some issues further in the circuit I don't know regarding. Oddly, from my first check, the other pcb parts seemed welded or sealed in the emf shielded enclosure where I didn't see how to easily access those boards. Interestingly enough, the monitor seems to be improved in function since cleaning the switches with the canned air which contains hydroflourocarbon 152A, Alcohol & Denatonium benzoate.


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