Not draining after final cycle

I have a dishwasher that will drain the first two cycles but when it is time for the third rinse cycle to drain, it will not. I have pulled out the dishwasher, the drain hose is not clogged. I have checked the air gap, and it seems clean of debris. To test the garbage disposal aspect, I have unconnected the air gap hose that connects to the dishwasher and had it flow into a bucket. The first two cycles of the wash empties and fills up almost the entire bucket. The third rinse drain maybeeeee 3/4 cup of water comes out. Any ideas?

Also, If I start a new cycle when the bottom is full of water and immediately cancel it, it will drain.

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Hi @brittneybe52133,

What is the model number of the dishwasher?


Model FFCD2413US3A



On the final rinse is the drain motor still operating (humming?) even though no water is coming out of the drain hose?

Check if there is a service data sheet, located behind the toe plate of the dishwasher.

This describes how to run the diagnostic tests that hopefully may tell you what's wrong. I'm thinking that it may be something to do with the drain pump or perhaps the float switch but given that it only ever fails at the end of the complete cycle I'm not sure


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