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Una console di gioco per la televisione prodotta da Sony Computer Entertainment, conosciuta anche come PS4. Annunciata il 20 febbraio 2013 e lanciata sul mercato il 15 novembre 2013.

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Disc drive cuh-1215a replacement issues

So I just replaced my disc drive on my ps4 for the first time. It's a model cuh-1215a. I got it all installed checked over and tried running it. First game skyrim ran great, so I tried installing Diablo 3 and part way through it started making a grind skip like noise then stopped trying to download. Did that on a couple other disc. Is my new disc drive messed up? Or did I do something wrong or skip a needed step?

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@patrickstark since this started after a while, you do want to double check your work. The grinding noise is definitely not good . If you find that you did the job without forgetting a step, replace the drive once more. Try a different vendor as well. Check this guide Sostituzione del lettore ottico nella PlayStation 4 for the steps.

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