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Whirlpool Refrigerator LED Lighting Does Not Turn On

I have a whirlpool refrigerator model WRS322FDAB05:

I replaced the LED lights (because they wouldn't come on) and the new LED lights wouldn't reliably come on either, just occasionally.

I recently figured out if I jiggle the refrigerator door switch, the LED lights come on. So I purchased a new refrigerator door switch and experienced the same issue: I had to jiggle the new refrigerator door switch to get the LED lights to come one.

What's the next thing I should try? Wiggling the switch seems to open and close the switch.

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Hi @mn123

Jiggling the refrigerator door switch does seem to indicate that the switch may be intermittent. You may need another switch

Do you have a DMM (digital multimeter)?

If so you could disconnect the power to the refrigerator and then disconnect the harness cable from the switch and using the DMM's Ohmmeter function, connect the meter directly across the switch terminals and check that there's a positive action when manually operating and releasing the switch i.e. tests open circuit when the switch is operated, tests short circuit when the switch is released.

If the switch tests OK i.e. you cannot make it go open circuit, when in the released condition, by jiggling the switch actuator, check the cable plug connectors and make sure that they're tight when they're connected to the switch terminals and not just sitting loose.

Just verifying that this is the switch - part #WP2149705?

If the switch and connectors seem alright here's the tech sheet for the model, which has a detailed and simplified wiring diagram that may help

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Yes; that’s the part I ordered. The new one and the old seem to have the same issue.


I replaced the LED lights with ShopJimmy ones. Would this be an issue?



Did you test the switch with a meter, you didn't say?

Can you make the LEDs flicker if you gently tap the LED fitting or even the cabinet?

If the LEDs won't come on without you touching the switch (or anything else) then you will need to use a voltmeter and start checking where the interruption to the power for the LEDs is.

Relatively simple circuit. There's 115V AC on the black wire of the switch all the time and when it is operated there should be 115V AC on the yellow wire on the J1/1 terminal of the LED module in the refrigerator. The return path is the white wire on J1/5 of the LED module.


Yeah; I tested the switch and saw no issues. I'll have to look at the diagram again. for some reason, it seems that I have to jiggle it several times (the meter shows the switch going open and close) and that causes the lights to come on. I was wondering if the water filter circuit had something to do with it since 5 presses will reset the water filter light, I think.

metering ac seems scary?



If the switch is operated or released then jiggling it shouldn't change its state. It doesn't seem very stable then.

Normally jiggling wouldn't occur when opening/closing a door so you need to check if the voltage is there when it should be.

As I said earlier, disconnecting the power and using an Ohmmeter to test it is the way to go. Definitely safer.


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