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The HP Pavilion dv6500 is an affordable multimedia notebook with a 15.4" screen , a stylish case, and a security fingerprint scanner.

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My laptop lights up when charging, but no other signs of life. Fixes?

Tried every known method, please provide me with a Guide.

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If you don't tell us what you have tried how can we help you?


I've tried all sorts of things.

15 second power button trick, QuickLaunch trick, safety pin, all of it.


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Has it been dropped or bumped hard?

The hard drive might have come partially unplugged. Can you hear or feel it spinning? Is it a hard drive? Do you have a cover on the back to remove to inspect the hard drive

Will the DVD ROM tray eject?

We really need to know everything you can tell us about your machine. Manufacturer, model, Anything that might have happened to cause the problem or any damage, Did you buy it new, used, from a pawn shop, did you build it?

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Battery may or may not be good, but a LT should run regardless on the adapter. You could remove battery and try it only on adapter, but the battery should not be the problem right now.

If only the power light ever comes on, then the problem is likely in the power button board or cables. I find cables loose in HPs frequently. Try unplugging and replugging cables first.

You can find a service manual here. Click "Download" at the top left.

Search "power button" in the document. (ctrl + F)

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The cable is ripped.


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