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WRX986SIHZ00 Why is my ice machine not dispensing ice?

Ice forms in the mold but them melts away.

Service testing results

Service test 15 ice level sensor - correctly displayed saying not filled

Test 36 ice box fan: have a swooshing sound. Like it will blow air and then not. So we replaced it. First day of replacement overnight it made and dispensed ice.

Test 37 ice box thermistor: 01, pass

Test 45 Ice maker water fill test: water came out front of ice box, going to assume that’s good

Test 56 ice maker error codes: E0

Test 57 ice maker harvest: runs its cycle

Test 58 ice maker heater activation and thermistor: goes from 00 to 10 (not sure what it means)

Test 59 ice maker motor: runs its cycle

What could be the problem?

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Hi @jvb92859

Try running service test #18 Ice Door Motor and check if if it is OK.

If the ice door doesn't shut properly, warmer air can enter and it may not get cold enough in the ice maker to produce any ice.

With regards to Test #37, I think that this test (along with Test #58) just verifies that the ice box thermistor circuit is working within specifications and not that the actual temperature in the ice maker is OK to make ice.

By this I mean that it tests that the circuit is not open circuit i.e. OL or ∞ Ohms or short circuit i.e. 0.00 Ohms and that the resistance is somewhere between ~8K Ohms (resistance for 36°F) and ~23.4K Ohms (resistance for 0°F).

For example if it measured 23 K Ohms when there was actually still water there then this may be the reason why the fan is turned off. It doesn't have to be operated to keep the area cold as the control board thinks that it is cold enough

Perhaps measure the resistance of the thermistor at the main control board to see what it is. Disconnect the power to the refrigerator and unplug the P8 harness cable from the board and measure the resistance between pins 1(orange wire) and 2 (white wire) on the harness cable plug (not the board)

¹ Thermistor resistance values as per the tech sheet for the refrigerator.

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