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The Sony Stereo Cassette-Corder CFS-930 is a cassette player and recorder that was advertised as being water-resistant.

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Slow play back on mixtapes

Hi, I recently recorded a few tapes on a deck that I have, but when I play them back on my cfs 930 they are slowed down. I tried out a tape produced by a record label and it plays back at the correct speed. I can’t seem to find a solution, any recommendations would be appreciated.

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Hi @reduxx286,

Just clarifying that the "tape produced by a record label" was recorded on the same deck as the tapes that didn't playback correctly?

Assuming that all the tapes were recorded on the same deck, where was the audio output coming from for the tapes that didn't playback correctly?


@jayeff No that tape was one I purchased through a bands website, I should’ve been clearer about that. And the audio output was coming for the built in speakers on the boombox


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Hi @reduxx286

I realize that the playback of one tape is OK but that wasn't recorded on the player so check if the drive belts are OK and not stretched, worn etc and that the recording head and capstan rubber etc are clean.

Here's the ifixit Sony Stereo Cassette-Corder CFS-930 guide that will help.

There are two belts in the drive system. A PRB SCX 11.8 which goes on first and a smaller PRB SCY 9.0 which goes on last. (supplier examples only)

Search online using the belt description to find suppliers that suit you best.

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