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Food processor from Vorwerk manufactured and first distributed in 2014/2015 (Europe/US).

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Dial jumps when selecting speed temp etc

I have one of these, it is working fine Except for the dial. Selecting an adequate temperature or time is kind of a minigame. For one dial step sometimes goes back and forth, sometimes does the right thing or sometimes makes a big bump. I was bearing with it because it was just an annoyance, but has been three onions that I only wanted "chopped" and I ended with them utterly pulped because the dial decided it.

I guess I only need to clean contacts, but before try to tear it I was hopping if someone here has some experience, If it is an easy task or if does not worth it.

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Hi @carlospenas

I don't know how easy it is, but here's the ifixit Thermomix TM5 Teardown guide that will help to gain access to the speed controller encoder switch (example only to show possible cost)

Here's a link to another answer on ifixit that describes how to clean encoders but it was an easier to open type that what appears to be used in the Thermomix. Volume Control Knob Acting Strange

With encoder type switches usually it is a build up of gunk inside the switch that causes them to malfunction and opening them up and cleaning the switch contacts with an electronic contact cleaner spray (example only) usually restores its operation. Although looking at the switch image in the link above it doesn't appear to be as easy to open it as some other types of encoders. Also the one in your device contains an on/off switch as well which makes it more difficult to clean.

If you decide to replace the selector switch, search online for Thermomix TM5 speed controller switch to find hopefully find other suppliers that may suit you better.

If you can't find a suitable supplier check if there's a part number on the switch itself, and try searching for that.

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