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Tv turns to a black screen after 20 seconds with sound

Like the title said my tv (a RCA RTU5820) turns to a black screen after about 20 seconds. I can still hear the sound but no image.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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@bipasaz if you have can see an image with the flashlight, it will most likely not be a board error, but the backlight strips itself. A bad T-con board will not produce an image, nor will a bad main board. When those fail you will not see an image with the flashlight.

Do not just go ahead and replace boards. There are two thing you can check with a simple multimeter. Check the voltages on the the connector from the power board to the main board., There will most likely be a BL_En line, which tells the power board to turn the backlights on. The next thing to measure would be the backlight LED output on your power board. Set your meter to the 300VDC range when you measure those. IF there is no voltage or low voltage then you most likely have issues with the diodes on the backlight circuit. None of this is complicated or even dangerous, for as long as you keep your fingers of the HOT part of the power board..

It will help if we can see your boards so we can guide you further. Replacing boards without checking them is a waste of resources and money. Don't just change them without checking unless you have to much money :-)

Just to clarify, the LED driver is never on the T-con board and the LED backlights are most commonly connected in series so if one LED fails, the strips fail. Some TV's use a combination of parallel and series connection on those strips, that can cause one region of the screen to appear darker if one set fails.

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Mise à jour (12/10/23)

@bipasaz looks like you have a bulging capacitor on your board.

Block Image

You will need to replace that. Where there is one there are more :-) replace all three of those. Make sure that you use high quality capacitors, like Rubycon or Kemet. Also, get the 105C capacitors. We do not know the values off those, but those should be written on the capacitors itself. Let us know if you need some help with that.

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I have added a picture of the main board in the description


I'm not proud of my soldering skills but replacing the capacitor ended up fixing my tv.

Thank you very much for your help


@bipasaz Awesome! Glad you got it fixed. It does not have to be pretty to be functional ;-)

Repair is War on Entropy!


@bipasaz which capacitors did you buy? I have the same tv with the same problem and hoping this fixes it


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You have 2 main boards in a modern TV the power supply board and the T-con board.

It sounds like the Power supply board is working that is if the power is actually staying on. So this leads us to the T-con. What I suggest first is go to the TV and use the flashlight on your phone and shine at the screen where you would expect to see a video (I.e. the top corner where the channel box would be, or wherever you remember the volume display popping up) or if you actually hear a show playing just look at the center of the screen.. what you are looking for is an actual image playing on the screen, try from multiple angles and light distances until you are certain you either have or don't have an image...

If you DO NOT have an image on the screen then it's likely the T-con board that has gone bad, search your make and model on eBay the board is pretty inexpensive and pretty plug and play (BEWARE OF RESIDUAL POWER IN THE POWER SUPPLY BOARD!!!!)

this is the cheap and easy way to "fix" the T-con board but if you are more tech savvy then you can actually find out what has caused your T-con board to go bad.. likely a small capacitor gone bad but you gotta know what and how to test for them using a multimeter.

If you DO see an image on the screen using a flashlight.. you have a bad LCD/LED driver.. some/most drivers are built into the T-con board so you can just follow the same advice for if you have no image by replacing or repairing the T-con board.. some do have separate driver boards though so if you see a smaller 3rd board google the part numbers and this may be your led/lcd driver board..

Also, it's more rare and likely they all didn't go bad at once (but I have seen it) the LED strips that go behind the screen go bad.. typically there are 3 or 4 of these strips but normally only 1 or 2 goes out and you notice for awhile the screen is much dimmer in the top, center, or bottom..

Hope this helps, I started saving TVs out of the garbage this way and by no means an expert it was just a hobby and so I have no incentive to make a free TV work so there may be more proper ways of doing what I suggest here.. hopefully you get it figured out! Follow up with me if you do!

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I do have an image when using a flashlight.

I'll buy a new board if a found one.

Thank you, i'll keep you updated if that fix my tv


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