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The Samsung Galaxy A71 is an Android smartphone manufactured by Samsung Electronics as part of the Galaxy A series. It was released in January 2020. Versions: SM-A715F/DS, SM-A715F/DSN (Global), SM-A715F/DSM (Russia).

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Is there a difference in screens for the different models? DS/DSN/DSM

Hello everyone!

I wanted to make sure I buy the right screen...
I've repaired some screens before, but made the mistake were I bought the wrong front panel due to a slight mismatch in model, and I wanted to avoid that this time.

Also, I'm finding "SUPER AMOLED" for a 100+ Euros, and cheaper TFT lcds for less than 50 euros.
I assume those cheaper ones to be aftermarket, so except for the worse picture quality, is there any other reason to not use these?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @out_of_tune

Usually IPS screens are thicker as they have another layer to cater for the backlighting whereas in Amoled displays the pixels generate the light themselves.

I think that because of this you would need to somehow power the backlights in an IPS display separately as it wouldn't be catered for in the systemboard's flex cable connection for the Amoled display as it is not necessary. The power sent to the pixels themselves is adjusted to whatever brightness/contrast level is required

Also there would possibly be a "fit" problem as the IPS display assembly may not sit flush with the case of the phone.

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Thanks for the quick response @jayeff

This is the TFT screen I was referring to: this looks like a drop-in replacement to me, it might not sit perfectly flush as you mentioned, but as it's already mounted to the frame it can't be that bad?

Do you think that, because of the difference in interface the TFT has to overcome, it will perform that much worse (brightness, latency, etc)?



Have never tried it to be honest as I always replace like for like, but would assume that there would be a noticeable difference in the display and perhaps the touch function but not sure on that point.

If you do a lot of replacements (I don't) perhaps you could try temporarily replacing an Amoled with an IPS to see what the difference is.

I suppose that since the supplier you linked suggests that you test it first and if it is not OK (or at least not acceptable to you) they will accept returns (see conditions about this in the link) this may be the best way to find out.

The Samsung part number for an A715F complete display unit is GH82-22248A GH82-22152A,. You may find suppliers that suit you better by searching for the part number



Thanks for your time @jayeff !

As I'm replacing this for someone else, I can't really experiment with 2 different lcds right now :(

I will look around for another supplier using the part ID, I hadn't thought about that!

Let me thank you again, and have a good one :)


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