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Manufactured December 2013. Model Number: 47LN575V - ZE

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My TV has broken backlight. Is it worth trying to repair it?

I know the backlight is the problem, I can see the picture under the flashlight and our local repair shop confirmed backlight is the issue. They however told us replacement parts are no longer available. I do not believe them and want to try repairing the TV myself.

Other than the backlight the TV works just fine. I can change channels, I do hear the sound and when I look really close and use flashlight on my phone, the picture can actually be seen.

Here is my question. I did found the replacement LED strips online. I also found this tutorial on YouTube showing how to install them. I know I could do this no problem.

However, from what I can see in the video, there are multiple individual LED strips connected together. And because my TV has no backlight (it's not just one part of the screen without it, the whole TV has no backlight) I think there is at least a slight possibility it's actually not the LED strips that are broken. I mean what are the changes all of the LED strips would break all at once. Then again they are connected to each other so I see how it could happen. Perhaps it takes just one LED strip for all of them to stop working, sort of like when Christmas lights break.

But I'm still worried it's not the LED strips, but rather some logic and/or power board being the issue.

So, my question is:

  • Could the issue be something else other than the LED strips?
  • If it could be, how likely is it that the LED strips aren't the issue and how can I find out what is?

I don't want to order replacement LED strips for nothing. And I also want to know what other replacement parts I should possibly be looking for.

LED strips are cheap, it's worth it to do the repair, but would it still be worth it if something else is broken?

Thanks for answers.

Update (12/02/23)

@jayeff, @oldturkey03

Just wanted to let you guys know that the repair was successful. It took a few weeks for the parts to arrive that's why it took me so long to repair the TV.

But today the LED strips are finally here, I just finished replacing and the TV works like new. Thanks for the help to both of you.

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@kvasmeister Awesome! Thank you for coming back to let us know YOU kept another device out of the landfill. This is what iFixit is all about. You also validated and excellent answer. That means alot to every volunteer on here. Thank you!

Repair is War on Entropy!


I can see what's on TV ,but all of a suddenit's like u tinted the TV ...


@robertharrigan tinted what? What color? What have you checked? What have you tried?


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hi @kvasmeister

Do you have a DMM (digital multimeter)?

It only takes one faulty LED in a strip to render the whole strip dead so chances are if one LED failed it's not impossible for others to fail in the other strips as well.

You could disassemble to TV to gain access to the LEDs and then start measuring the voltage across each LED in the strip until you find the faulty one. That way you would know for sure.

You're going to have to disassemble it anyway if you're going to replace them.

Alternatively you could buy a TV backlight tester (examples only) and then disconnect the backlights' power cable from the power board and then connect the tester to the cable and check if each strip works or not. The tester supplies the power for the backlights and not the TV.

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@kvasmeister trust your troubleshooting. It's the backlight array. Replace the strips and your TV is good to go for another decade or so :-)


@oldturkey03 I can check with multimeter. I'm not sure I have one, might be somewhere in the garage. Even if I don't, I'll buy one. It will sure come in handy in the future.

As for the TV backlight tester @jayeff mentioned. Couldn't multimeter work as backlight tester as well? At least from the Amazon link you provided, they seem like the same thing.

Again, thanks for answers to both you guys.


@kvasmeister a backlight tester actual supplies power to the backlights and turns them on, that can't be done with a multimeter. A backlight tester will help you identifying failed LED's. the only issues with that will be trying to find replacement LED's of the same brightness etc. I have found that replacing individual LED's almost always creates a bright spot on the TV since matching them is a PITA. Now, it is definitely cheaper and really less wasteful replacing individual LED's If the possibility of a bright spot etc. does not bother you, go that route. You can't go wrong either way.


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