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Gas dryer manufactured in late 2000s/early 2010s by Whirlpool under the Estate brand. This dryer has timed and auto-sense drying capability and high-heat, low-heat, and no-heat fluff settings.

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Dryer will not ignite, will not start.

My Estate EGD4400WQ0 gas dryer suddenly stopped working.

The dryer emits a faint buzzing sound when the knob is set to any cycle and the start button is pressed.

We’ve noticed that the dryer has been taking longer to dry clothes for the past couple of weeks, but it was working fine as of yesterday (Nov 6, 2023).

I open the back to vacuum any excess lint out of the exhaust and to test any components with a multimeter. The start button, thermal fuse, and what I assumed was a thermostat all had continuity. The door switch is working normally with an audible click when pressed.

What else might be causing the dryer to not work? How might I go about fixing it?

Edit: The dryer makes this sound when I press the start button.

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Hi @joshuacanett

When listening to the audio you posted, to me it sounds like a problem with the cycle timer motor and/or the contacts in the timer. (broken contact operating cams perhaps??)

Here's the wiring diagram for the dryer that may help

Both the motor and gas ignition circuits go through the timer contacts (B-C). If they're faulty that may be the problem.

Note: Do not attempt to open the timer to try and fix it as you will have cams and contacts everywhere. Besides which, if any are dirty/worn/broken, there are no separate internal timer parts available, anyway. Just in case it was only dirty contacts, you could try liberally spraying an electronic contact cleaner (examples 1 & 2), in through any holes in the back of the timer, allowing sufficient time to dry and then check to see if the machine works OK. Although from the sound I doubt it will. Do NOT use "standard" WD40 or similar products as they leave residues. Also do this with the power disconnected from the machine.

Search online for WPW10185969 to find suppliers that suit you best.

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