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Information and repair instructions for Haier Freezer

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Why ice inside the freezer is forming?

I got chest Freezer and it's very clean inside out but it's forming Ice on the sides and I wonder as to why the ice is forming on the inside?

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Hi @abbibakere48898

What is the model number of the freezer?

If there's ice forming on the inside walls of the freezer compartment, check that the lid (door?) seal is OK and is providing a good seal and that it is not split, warped etc allowing warmer humid air to enter the compartment. The moisture in the warmer air will condense and then freeze in the -18°C (0°F) temperature of the freezer

To test this, place a piece of paper between the lid and the frame of the compartment and with the lid closed normally i.e. no pressure on it by you to hold it down, try to pull the paper out.

It will come out wit a bit of an effort but not that easily and it should definitely not slip out by itself. Do this at various points around the lid, front, back and both sides. To check that it doesn't slip out by itself, make the paper longer on the outside of the freezer than it is on the inside when the lid is closed therefore it is heavier on that side and if the seal is no good it will fall out by itself.

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Also, chest freezers have the evap built into the sides and no defrost. They will naturally build up some ice as you open it to take stuff out. You can periodically remove everything and let it thaw out by turning it off and leaving the lid open, remove the water, and then turn it back on n let it run like normal


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