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The Xbox One Model 1698 Wireless Controller was released by Microsoft in 2015 alongside the Model 1697 controller. This controller is similar to the Model 1697 with internal modifications. It has more features than a basic controller, such as, removable thumbsticks and metal D-Pad buttons. The controller is primarily designed for console use, but is PC compatible.

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Right joystick snapped and needs replacement.

Is the Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2 Joystick compatible and if not do you know where to get some replacements?

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It appears that they are not exactly the same. They use the same resistance potentiometer (10k ohm) but use s different type of pole (the part the joystick caps connect to) which would make the interchangeable joystick caps no longer compatible. As long as you are comfortable with desoldering and soldering in a new analog stick you can go with the ElecGear EL4 analog stick replacements available on Amazon.

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