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Digital Pocket Memo with slide switch operation.

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My recorder will not accept an SD card.

My recorder will not accept an SD card.

Update (10/17/23)

Block Image

This is what it looks like on the screen.

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Hi @annelewis

What capacity SD card are you trying to use in the device?

It only supports SD cards having a storage capacity of up a maximum of 32GB

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It is a 16GB SD card. (It came with the recorder when purchased in 2019.)



Have you tried another SD card at all?

Also make sure that the card is unlocked. There's a slide switch on the side that can be moved to lock and unlock a card.

Did you push it all the way in until it "clicked"?

You insert a memory card with the gold-colored contacts facing down (toward front of the device) and then push the memory card in the memory card slot until it locks in place. To remove the card press the memory card slightly until the snapping mechanism unlocks and the card is ejected

Apologies if you have tried and know all the above.


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