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Confused on Power cables

I used a 13 A 250v cable for the ps4 pro(220-240v 1.4-1.32A 50/60Hz) it got burned in the middle while I switched it on, i cut the part where it got burned and reconnected and it was working few months back, now it doesn’t and I’m using another cable 6a 250 v and it switches on, i didn’t tried play games on it because i was scared to use it, is it okay to use the cable? I have another with 3a could i use that in future?

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@shaheel explain this "it got burned " a bit more. How did you fix it after? If youu are no longer using this particular cable, it does not matter.

What does this mean " plug is 8 figure looking thing"? Are you referring to the part that plugs into your PS4Pro? You can always post pictures with your Question so we can see what you see. Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda

Remember maximum power consumption of your PS4Pro is ~310 Watt. At 240V that'll be 1.3Amp max draw. So your 6 Amp replacement cable will work.

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Wait, was the original cable 3A or 13A? If it was 3A originally, then use the other cable.

If it was 13A originally, then you're probably going to have to buy a new cable. A 6A cable won't provide enough amperage for the PS4 to actually play games if so.

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Does amp matter that much it has 250 v


@shaheel ok, think of it like this. The *voltage* is like the water pressure in a pipe, whereas the *amperage* is like the flow rate. If the flow rate is too low or too high, then something is going to go wrong. As for the voltage, 250v is probably going to be fine, the only possible issue for such a small difference in voltage is that overheating is slightly more likely to happen.


the thing is i cant find 13a 250v cables at all, all i can get is 6a, my dad is an electrician and he said there wouldnt be any problem but i wanted an answer from someone who has exp withplaystation


@shingle i would like to point out that the plug is 8 figure looking thing


@shaheel Don't worry, just listen to your dad about it. Honestly, all that stuff with electricity hurts my brain a bit. As far as I can tell, the amperage gets stepped down when the current is converted from AC to DC, so you're probably fine. (I would like to know if that's correct, though). Just try using the 6a cable, and if something goes wrong, you can always just buy a new cable.


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