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Released in 2018, the 6th generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon is one of Lenovo's popular performance business laptops. Model number: 20QD000BUS

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Is the front cover replacable

I found a X1 carbon gen 6 with some front cover damage on ebay so I'm wondering if it's replacable?

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Hi @aerais,

What is the full model number of the laptop as shown on the product label on the bottom of the laptop?

By front cover do you mean the lid cover behind the screen?


The model number is 20KH002RUS, by front cover I mean the piece of plastic around the keyboard


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Hi @aerais

Unfortunately the keyboard bezel assembly (also known as the C- cover keyboard - the part name for the cover you want) comes as a complete module which includes the cover and the keyboard but not the touchpad. You will have to transfer the touchpad from your assembly onto the new one.

The second thing is that there are 292 different covers available for your model due to the fact that the keyboard is country specific to accommodate the different language characters used in different countries e.g. English, German, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Russian, Thai etc.

Here is the hardware maintenance manual that will help, as you need to completely dis-assemble the laptop so as to replace the keyboard/bezel assembly.

Here's the parts list for your model laptop.

Click on Select Commodity > C-cover with keyboard (292) to find the part number for all of the available keyboard assemblies. The country code is part of the part name which may help you to find the correct one for your laptop e.g USE,FPR_NFC,BK =USA International, Fingerprint reader, Backlit, TH,FPR,BK = Thai, Fingerprint reader, backlit, FR,FPR,BK = French, Fingerprint reader, backlit, etc.

Usually the part number can be found on a sticker on the underside of the cover if you wish to verify that you're getting the correct one.

Once you know the part number that you need, search online using the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best

You may be able to get the cover without the keyboard (it isn't easy but you could try looking on Ebay etc for suitable "faulty" laptops and use it as a donor but that may depend on the cost) but to replace it you would have to remove the keyboard from the original cover first and this would involve cutting or melting the plastic (nylon?) rivets that hold the keyboard in place and then gluing the keyboard into place in the new cover using an epoxy type adhesive.

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