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Repair documentation and information for the Google Pixel 4a 5G. Released on October 29th, 2020. Model number: G025E

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Is it possible transfer cpu/emmc to a new motherboard

So months ago someone took my phone and dropped it to the ground. I decided to go another technician that specializes in micro soldering and they told me the problem theres a short circuit however they couldn't fix it since they didn't have the schematics or spare parts. I was thinking of getting the same phone model or working motherboard to transfer the chips to salvage data as long as those chips are not damaged since I saw some technicians able to salvage data on water-damaged pixel phones like the 5a5g or the regular 4a by doing a logic board swap. I was looking into reballing since I saw several post of pixel 5 being fixed by reballing as well and I think when my phone dropped to the ground it must have cracked the solder joints causing loose components. I would really like a response especially from people who had microsoldering done on google pixels

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yes you can transfer the cpu and emmc to a working board,, however if you have no microsoldering experience then its not a repair you will be able to do if you want to retain the data

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I know. I was planing on going to a micro soldering expert to do so once I get the motherboard I need. Thank you for answering


@catwings6003 ben at resq could help tho hes in germany,, if your in the states ipad rehab


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Hello, i have 15years experience with microsoldering, and i can tell you "swap" the cpu and nand is really the last option. When the motherboard have short is can be only 1 capaciotor or maximum power IC. Especially after drop is mostly capacitors fault. swap the cpu and memory chip is very risky compare with "only" power ic replace. Also the swap is very expensive. I recomend to you find first somebody who understand little bit deep in this problematic and not take serious first diagnostic from random phone shop. For example i have for this model schema and all stencil for reball, but iam from austria.

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>have for this model schema and all stencil for reball

You have the schematics for this model of phone?. I’m having trouble understanding your comments If so can you link it to me the reason why I’m going for cpu and emmc swap as the last resort is because of the lack of information like schematics and parts such as replacement chips on my phone. So I thought just transferring chips to a working motherboard would just be easier


Hello, my english is bad. I mean the swap is very risky, emmc is sensitive on temperatur, CPU is in many case 2 chip ram and cpu soldered togehther. Swap is used when is the board hard waterdamage or many componets allready KO. in your situation i will focused on the short. At least you can try with multimeter measure all capacitors when is shorted or no, or check the board with thermal camera. How i tell, swap make like the last option. 1mistake here and your data is gone forewer. Power IC you can try to change 5x. I will post the schema tommorow.


@vojtech59738 thank you so much. For the schematic is it the exact schematic for this model pixel (4a5g) because I searched everywhere for a schematic of this model couldn’t find


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