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The Samsung Galaxy A71 is an Android smartphone manufactured by Samsung Electronics as part of the Galaxy A series. It was released in January 2020. Versions: SM-A715F/DS, SM-A715F/DSN (Global), SM-A715F/DSM (Russia).

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Phone displays battery charging, won't turn on

My carrier is AT&T business plan. I got behind on my payments and after using it all day without issue, my phone showed that there was no network connection around 5pm. I didn't know why at the time so I went through the power prompts to restart. The phone turned off and has never powered up again. I immediately paid my balance and fixed my ATT account with other phones on the plan working fine, and my sim works fine in other phones.

When the phone is completely dead, I plug it in and the screen shows the normal charge initiation, shows normal charging vs super charging and will count up all the way up to 100%. If I plug it in at any point other than 0%, it will not acknowledge that it is being charged, will display nothing. Pushing the power button, holding it down, tapping the power button multiple times, holding it down with the vol + or vol - combo, "massaging" the screen, the phone does not respond, doesn't vibrate, doesn't display the Samsung text or anything's is a dead brick at any %. I've done every troubleshooting tip with the exception of taking it apart.

The only other thing to mention, whether it's relevant, is that the phone had fallen in the toilet months ago, was dried out and working normally with the only issue being since then, 98% of the time, it wouldn't start a charge unless powered off. Once charging, I could turn it on again, do whatever with it while plugged it and it would continue charging fine. If I unplugged and plugged in again within a few minutes, it would usually continue the charge but 5mins + I would have to shut off, plug in, wait for the charge to initiate, power back on.

Any chance this phone can be saved??? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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@lisa44086 "The only other thing to mention, whether it's relevant, is that the phone had fallen in the toilet months ago" its definitely quite relevant. Look at what you needed to do to get it to charge.

For now let's assume this has nothing to do with AT&T. The issue that you are describing sounds like an issue either with the battery itself or with the charging circuitry of your phone. You do want to go ahead and start by replacing the battery with a new one. Use something like this guide to work on it. It was written in French but a browser like Edge of Chrome will translate it just fine.

Now it's time to take it apart and change the battery and the charging board. Use something like this guide Samsung Galaxy A71 Charging Board Replacement to do that. While you have your phone disassembled, take a look at the boards as well as the flex cables. Check for corrosion, tears and any other damage. These models have issues with the flex cable from the charging board to the mainboard. Consider replacing it.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to review and respond! I will go through these suggestions.


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