Why is my aspect ratio messed up

I was playing my Playstation 5 two days ago and I got up to do something and when I came back my and the screen looked like it was zoomed in like something had changed the aspect ratio. My tv is a 55 inch Hitachi Roku Smart TV model number 55R822. I am running my internet through Spectrum. I figured maybe I hit that ratio aspect button on one of the remotes or something but when I look at our remotes there isn't one on either the TV remote or the cable remote. So my next step is I pull up the settings on the roku remote to the TV and the picture is set to auto and it selects "direct". I cycle through all zoom functions and they all just make the picture even bigger on all inputs. So my next theory is that maybe the Playstation did something to the resolution so I go and check all the settings imaginable on the Playstation and all are normal but just in case let me factory reset it. Nothing. My next step is I check the hdmi cable to the Playstation and I notice it wiggles a decent amount so I replace the hdmi cord just to be safe. Nothing. I go back to the tv and check every single option available to the picture on the tv and nothing. So I eventually do a factory reset on my tv now. Nothing! I went so far as to download the hitachi remotes (because mine only came with a roku tv remote)on my phone to try and see if one had an "aspect ratio" on it. A couple did but the buttons weren't available for use like a few other buttons but most of them did work. The only thing notable that happened that day was when I turned on my Playstation earlier that day it wasn't turned off correctly and the picture came up looking like static and rainbow colors and then the Playstation had to "repair" itself but then this zoom incident happened several hours later with no problems inbetween. Please someone give me and idea of what needs to be done because right now I cannot play any games because of this stupid zoom issue!

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@nickherrin61605 just to clarify, this happens on all video inputs and all other video input devices you are using, not just your PS5?


Yes that is correct.



Did you try a power reset on the TV, you didn't say?

If not, turn off the TV if it is on, disconnect any input cables from the TV and then disconnect the TV power cord from the wall power outlet or powerstrip.

Press and hold the TV Power On button for a full 30 seconds and then release it.

Reconnect the input cables, reconnect the power to the TV, turn it on and check.


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