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Repair guides for displays (or monitors) for computers or other devices with video output.

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My LG 34UM95 stopped turning on

Hi, today my LG 34UM95 stopped turning on. I know nothing about monitor/computer, what's your suggestion please? - Jennifer

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@jennieliu Time to take it apart. If you are up to it, let,s see if we can get you to fix your monitor. Try this video to open it up. Once opened, take a lot of pictures of the boards (focused and large pictures are best) and post those with your question. That way we can see what you see and can guide you.

Once opened, just start using the LG flowchart for the no power situation. Number one concern is always the power jack on the board. If you show 19V on C764 you know your jack is okay and you can move past it.

Block Image

Check the IC's according to their required voltage. IC 703 is pin 7 all the other IC's are pin 8 to be checked for the proper voltage. Check this video on how to check a common issue.

Sounds all really complicated but with the great community here, there is lots of help to guide you.

Looks like this monitor had issues with it's EEPROM. It looses it's firmware if it does not get properly shutdown. If all of your tests are good, we can probably show you how to "reset" the IC or get you the resources to reflash. :-) A lot of people flashed the EEPROM. Anyhow, this LG 34UM94 95 should help you getting your monitor back on the road :-)

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Hi Sorry im trying to reflash i got the CH341 programmer but i cant find the EEPROM is the 2 hdmi EEPROM?

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