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MacBook hangs then shuts off

During the startup process my MacBook freezes (start chime comes up and booting begins). Some seconds later it will shut off. When I try to restart the MacBook it turns off immediately. I suppose, that it overheats though the fan is running slowly. Does anyone know how to check the temperatures and/or the thermal sensors? Or maybe there's some other problem? Please give me a hint.

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It doesn't have time to overheat. Try resetting the SMC:

then zap the PRAM:

Let us know of anything else it may be doing after you try these fixes.

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Hello mayer,

it tried resetting the SMC and the PRAM but it didn't work.

I also replaced the standard HDD by a SSD I use in my own MacBook and discovered the following:

- The MacBook boots up and may be used about five minutes before it freezes again. It doesn't shut off after it froze. Cooling the computer down in a fridge to make it run again didn't work. It takes several hours to be able to get the system booting again.

- I also tried running a benchmark software (cinebench) and discovered that the CPU temperature rose to 107°C before the computer switched off. I noticed that while the temperature was rising the CPU fan didn't speed up.

I hope that my descriptions help getting a better understanding of the system's behavior.

Greetings. Joerg.


Try iStat Pro to get temperatures:


It's no longer possible to boot the system up. Each time I press the power button the white light turns on, the fan speeds up shortly and after some seconds the system shuts off. Again some seconds later the system powers on again without pressing the power button, the fan speed up again shortly and the light remains on until you press the power button for about four seconds.


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macbook pro 15” Unibody A1286 mid-2012

i7 2.3GHz 16GB

i had similar situation, my symptoms including:

kernel panic errors


crashes from any movement

random crashes

3 bongs of death

slow boot ups

incomplete shutdowns

SMC Resets did not work

did not PRAM reset

based on feedback from here and Apple, i decided to swap out the logic board. followed guide, took 2 1/2 hours, but if i ever have to do it again, i’m sure the work will be much faster.

the result:

(+) ALL symptoms disappeared, although boot up seemed slow the first few times. seems to be coming back to (5400rpm) speed. it’s been thirty-six hours, so far so good .

(-) cannot access previous Time Capsule sparsebundle file. followed some convoluted (for me) Terminal commandsnon another website, but the protocol failed, so i’m starting my time machine from scratch.


the logic board replacement is something you want to be absolutely sure is necessary. there are a LOT of opportunities to break things you REALLY don’t want to break, but for the most part, the iFixit guide is great. be sure to read comments in any step you’re not sure about a LOT of hive knowledge there. allow ample time, make sure you have all tools, including the thermal paste and cleaner kit, be patient and organized.

similar symptoms

replaced logic board

symptoms cleared

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