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Troubleshooting and Repair for the 32" 1080P LG 32CS560 LCD TV.

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My LG TV turns on but then immediately turns off

My non smart LG tv (model 32CS560) will turn on but then immediately turn off.

A little context- I’ve been using my Comcast remote to control the tv and cable box for a while. I’ve had this issue where it takes several times of pressing the on button (on the remote) before the tv will finally turn on. Eventually it will come on but I had to move and unplug the tv bc I was cleaning but this time I can’t get the tv to turn on. So fast forward a few days I unplugged and plugged the tv in and now it turns on for about 4 seconds and immediately turns off. Also I’ve never been able to locate the power button (or any buttons) on the tv itself. There’s touch sensor buttons but not a physical button where you can press it on (at least I can’t find one.)

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Hi @kellabella

Do you have the original LG remote for the TV?

If so, disconnect all inputs to the TV, so that only the power is connected and try turning it on using the TV remote control. Also remove the batteries from the Comcast remote as well.

If it stays on, you won't get any pictures but use the remote and check if you can access the TV menus OK.

This is just trying to isolate where the problem may be, the TV or the Comcast remote.

If it won't stay on then here's the service manual for the TV, that may help.

Go to p.13 to view the Power Up boot check troubleshooting flowchart

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Hi. I have the remote but it doesn’t work anymore. I’m gonna order a replacement remote. It’s not the Comcast remote bc it works on my other tv. I looked everywhere possible for a power button on the tv but there’s only sensor lights.

I also plugged in the power cord to another outlet and no difference. I’m afraid the problem might be with the tv itself.



Seems like it.

if you have a DMM (digital multimeter) then as I suggested the troubleshooting flowchart in the service manual is a good place to start


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