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Sony Vaio VGC-LM1E Recovery reinstall

I have the above machine with its recovery disks, I recently changed its hard disk because the original one that came from the factory shook them. I gave him a 500gb 7200 rpm. I would like to reinstall windows vista home premium from the recovery disks that I have, however, I get the following misleading message:

cannot use this recovery disc for the computer confirm the model type sony vaio
Do I have to do something with cmd to find the new hard drive I put in? From the bios you recognize normally, the factory reset of the computer simply does not proceed.

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Hello, I have the same machine and I want to take it back to factory OS spec, would it be possible to upload the disc images from the recovery disk onto the internet and maybe post a link here?

Many thanks



I would recommend you move to Windows 7.


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Have you tried pushing the enter key when it asks you to confirm? You could also try making a bootable Windows USB and try booting from that. (Creare un drive boot USB per Windows 10). If your system was designed to run Vista, I'm not sure if you could install Windows 10 and have it work well though. Another thing you could try doing is buying Windows Vista installation disc on eBay or some similar platform. Good luck!

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