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Model A1137 / 1, 2, or 4 GB capacity / black or white plastic front

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Alternative to An Ifixit battery.

I am having trouble find a battery for it,
Ifixit doesn't have any, And I can't find I good one on amazon, ebay, or newegg...

Any help Is appreciated!

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Hi @beanman56

Search online for 616-0223 to find suppliers that suit you best.

If on sites like Ebay etc, check the reputation of the seller and also their returns policy etc. in case of a faulty unit.

Personally I never buy from anyone with a rep <99.5% and who doesn't offer returns (which may or may not include a restocking fee) but that's just me.

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<$US10 it's worth the risk at seller's 99.2% rep.



@jayeff - So one little problem, The back cover doesn't go on right... The battery is thicker than the Old battery...



Did you notice the first comment in the Ratings and Reviews at the bottom of the listing you posted?

They said that the battery didn't fit properly - different in your case as in their situation it was too wide, not too deep (high).

They solved it by removing ".... almost all of the insulation tape in order to make battery fit".

Maybe worth a check if it is possible to do this with the battery that you have.

Presumably they meant an extra layer of tape around the battery case and not the battery outer case itself as obviously you don't (or can't) want to remove that.

If you don't want to do this then contact the seller and say that it doesn't fit and could they verify that it is for your model iPod. Faulty battery - manufacturing fault perhaps, physical size I mean not electrical

If they say it is but after that don't want don't want to know about resolving the problem then ask for a refund either from them or Ebay as it is not fit for purpose.



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