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Lo smartwatch Apple di sesta generazione, con connettività cellulare opzionale, rilasciato il 18 settembre 2020.

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Is the battery connector soldered to the logic board?

Hello everyone,
As stated in the title I was wondering if the battery connector is soldered to the motherboard of the watch, or would it be possible to entirely remove it and replace it with a donor one without much trouble.

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Every connector is soldered to the board. You'd need serious micro soldering skills a quality microscope and a good solder station to even try it. Personally I wouldn't bother and replace the battery.

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I have no issue replacing the battery, as a matter of fact I already have a spare one.

The thing is that the donor apple watch owner told me that his device has a broken battery connector. I'm trying to find out what does that precisely means and if it's possible to replace the entire battery module (cable included) with my spare functioning one.

If it can be helpful to diagnose the true issue about the donor device the owner also told me the watch turns on but is stuck on the apple boot sequence and turns off instantly after. This seems weird to me as if the battery connector was truly dead it wouldn't even turn on, but maybe i'm mistaken.

Anyways, thank you so much for your input !


You’re right about the connector, if it was damaged it wouldn’t turn on. Not sure if you’ve done it or not but try removing the board completely to get a better look at the connector. You might be able to change it over as long as all the connections are in the same place.


@Lord Emperor of Mankind - Did you review the guide we offer Sostituzione batteria Apple Watch Series 6?


If the connector from the SIP package was pulled off this maybe the end of the Watch as the could have removed the solder pad/s as well in the process. These are very tiny pads and some don’t offer places to spice a line.


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