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Released in 2016, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 is a mid-range tablet designed to take after the Samsung Galaxy A series phones.

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work well but when removing it from current it suddenly went off.

Hi, I discovered that my Samsung A6 tab was not displaying and frozen I did all I could and I was able to put it on, I did factory reset and work well but when removing it from current it suddenly went off. When fix it again in the current it start working. What would I do to solve the problem

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Hi @sorieibrahim,

What is the tablet's model number SM-T580, SM-T280 etc?


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@sorieibrahim, When you have an electronic device with an internal battery, that works when plugged into power / charger, but shuts off the second you unplug it, you have to replace the internal battery.

Lithium batteries (as all batteries) have a limited lifespan, and they degrade over time. A 2016 model now has a battery that is coming up on 7 years, which is old in battery time.

You’ll need to source a replacement battery, use a reputable vendor as a lot of those eBay and a lot of the Amazon batteries are pure scams. Then you have to open the device, unplug and remove the old battery and replace with the new replacement battery.

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