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Repair information and guides for the CDMA version of the fourth generation iPhone. Model: A1349 / 8, 16, or 32 GB storage capacity

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Changing dispaly and I dont no were I should work at.


I am changing the display and I have heard about static electricity shocking the inside of the iPhone, I wanted to no if this is a big problem or if i should not be worried about it. Also does anyone have an idea were I should work when I do this repair if the static electricity is a problem? Also I do not have the static safe drivers and wanted to no if simply touching them to a piece of metal would ground them enough to not shock the phone inside's? Any information on this subject would be great and very helpful.


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I've done hundreds, always out in the field (Starbucks, people's work places, in my truck) and have never had a problem arise from not grounding myself. Static electricity buildup is rarely a problem nowadays and if you're concerned about it all you have to do is touch a piece of metal before you touch the inside of the phone and it'll discharge anything you may have built up.

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I follow the same rules as magistry, maybe not on the same scale..but after a hundred repairs of iphones/ipods/radios/tv's/laptops/ds/playstation and xbox I haven't encountered any problems with ESD... At the end of the day it's your phone and you should treat it with respect and follow at least the basics of ESD. In these cases I think pulling connectors off logicboards is the most common error a repairman makes!


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