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My hp notebook not powering on

Hi everyone, my pc is hp notebok gaming series and is not powering on. My charger works just fine. So here's the scenario, I plugin my charger and the LED doesn't show power and I can't turn on my PC. However, when I plugin my external hard drive it shows power on its LED but still the AC adapter LED is dimmed and can’t power on. Help me out please!

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Please verify the full model number of the laptop as shown on the info label on the bottom of the laptop.

Also how did you test the charger? Was its output 19.5V DC?

has the laptop been dropped or gotten wet at all?

Have you checked that the laptop is fully turned off by holding the power button operated >10 seconds? There should be no power on the USB ports if the laptop is off.

If the AC adapter is plugged in and the laptop is started but won't then power on the USB ports indicate that it has started to turn on but has stopped for some reason.


My battery is dead so I have removed it and I'm just using the PC direct. This problem happened twice now. The first time, technician did replace the AC adapter with a new one and still had the same issue. The second time, I just didn't do anything and it started working again. And now the problem is persisting. I have figured out that power seems to be transmitting to the board because the USB is lighting my external hard drive. And of course since I am using the PC direct, it has completely shutdown when I unplug the AC.


Also it hasn't been dropped or got wet. However, my CMOS battery is detached from the board for some reason.


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@Natnael Fisseha

There are a lot of different HP gaming 15 models e.g cx- range, dk- range ec-range models and I'm not sure if they all use the same DC-In jack connector if that's what the problem is. e.g. it could be a resistive connection in the jack which may prevent the correct voltage from appearing. The USB only needs 5V but the motherboard needs more otherwise the adapter wouldn't be rated at 19.5V.

The exact model number should be on the info label on the bottom.

Also not having the cmos battery plugged in will cause problems because the cmos battery maintains the BIOS settings and helps prevent them from becoming corrupted which can prevent a normal start.

Not having the main battery and using the AC adapter only should mean that the BIOS is reset every time the AC adapter was disconnected but it takes a little while to reset unless a forced reset is used so maybe it wasn't being reset properly every time.

Check what the voltage is on the cmos battery. If it is <2.5V DC replace it.

If OK before reconnecting the cmos battery, disconnect the adapter and press and hold the Power on button for a full 30 seconds and then release it. Reconnect the cmos battery, reconnect the adapter and check if it now turns on.

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