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Guide di riparazione e informazioni sullo smontaggio per la versione da 15 pollici del laptop Microsoft Surface di terza generazione.

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Display is broken because I accidently “stabbed a safetypin”

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I saw a dust buildup and random stuff in the middle part that is inbetween the 2 hinges (Dont know what its called) so i decided to try cleaning it out. With a “safety pin”. While doing that apparently I stabbed through it with the pin? You can see the red X’s in the photo. It’s where I stabbed through. And after that my display shortly turned black. If I try forcing the middle area to be wider with the pin I can see the spots where I stabbed through. I can slightly see something in there which looks to be like a wire. While restarting or turning it on, the Windows Logo still appears but then also turns black shortly after. While the surface is on if you shine the display towards the light you can slightly see a grey visible windows logo but you cant do anything. Can someone help?

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Ouch, hate it when that happens. Yeah, unfortunately there are four ribbon cables connecting the display to the motherboard, and it seems pretty definite that you've damaged one of them. If you open up the case and take the keyboard off, you can see those four black ribbon cables as shown in the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15" Screen Replacement guide.

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The bad news here is that the display is like the ones on the MacBook Air; if there's any damage of any kind, the only solution is replacing the entire display assembly. The following comment from the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 (15-inch) Teardown is particularly relevant here.

These cables aren't modular, so if you cut one, you'll be pulling a MacBook Pro and replacing the entire display.

Wish I had better news, but this is my best bet on a diagnosis.

Immagine Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15"


Smontaggio Microsoft Surface Laptop 3



Immagine Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15" Schermo


Sostituzione schermo Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15"



1 - 2 hours

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