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A washer series by Maytag with a low rate of customer satisfaction and a high rate of failure. These washers have the model numbers MVWB300xxx or MVWX300xxx.

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My washer won't spin out the clothes

My washer won't spin out the clothes. Please help me with this problem

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Hi @patricia89,

Please confirm the model number of the washer?


Check all doors and detergent door are close

There is a safety switch in every door a machine will not work while one of them is open .


Same problem but it doesn't seem to spin fast enough either



What is the model number of your washer?


Help me fix thisissue


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Hi Patricia,

If indeed this is a Maytag Bravos Quiet Series 300, there are a number of causes of a no spin condition. A common failure is a faulty lid latch/switch. If the control board doesn't think the lid is locked, it won't spin. If the lid is not locking when the machine is operating, it for sure won't spin. There is a locked light which should come on on the control panel. if it doesn't you might want to replace the latch.

Another place to check is the drive belt. Unplug the machine first. You can tip the machine back just so you can see under it, and prop it securely in place, or tip it further back but look out for water and be careful of the drain hose. There are two items to check. The first is take a look at the belt. To do this you need to remove a belt guard.

Here is a link to a helpful guide to getting at the belt. First, check the belt to see if it is broken or loose, It should be snug on the pulleys. You can remove it by turning the pulleys while gently pulling the belt downward, the belt should kind of walk off fairly easily this way. If it's frayed or cracked, get a new one.

You can also check the shift actuator to see if it is disconnected.

Block Image

In the picture attached, the shift actuator is the device that has a round silver colored part at the very right edge of the image, with some ivory colored plastic parts that connect to a device under the large belt pulley.

The shift actuator causes that device called a splutch (a cross between spline and clutch) to engage, so the washer will spin. If it has become disconnected the washer will not be able to spin. You can also check the smooth operation of the splutch by removing the shift actuator (Two long green screws hold it in place). Then see if the lever on the splutch where it was attached, moves freely from side to side. If it is stuck or broken you will have to replace the splutch.

Here is a troubleshooting guide that might also be helpful for no spin conditions. Your machine is a High Efficiency Top Loader so it would be under Top Loaders-New. This page is being revised, so it could change.

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Resisting Maytag Bravos Quiet Series 300

Hello, This should help;

You will have to Reset the Spinning mechanism. it appears to be dormant! This normally happens when it is too heavy of a load or when it spins unbalanced usually sneakers are the cause for this to happen or both, making your washing mashine go into protective mode.

Resisting Maytag Bravos Quiet Series 300:

  • Set wash dial to NORMAL
  • Turn dial back one click to BULKY SHEETS
  • Turn dial forward three clicks to HAND WASH
  • Turn dial back one click to WRINKLE CONTROL
  • Turn dial forward one click and Stop on HAND WASH
  • all lights should lid at this point and your washer would like to know what it is that you would like to reset and in your case would be your Spin.
  • Now moving right along:
  • (You will now move your Maytag Washing Cycle DIAL)
  • Turn Dial forward and go (PASSED... COLD WASH and RINSE & SPIN) Stop at DRAIN & SPIN.

* this will reset all spin issues

With today's technology you may also do the following, should you get stuck and assuming no warranty. And of course nothing to do with the above instructions. This should work with any brand or unit.

  1. Unplug Washing machine Power cord
  2. Set Washing Cycle DIAL to OFF
  3. Remove half load of cloths (can place in a bucket, container or plasic bag
  4. Plug in your Washing machines Power cord

Set Wash Cycle Dial to a large Cycle and let it wash through adding your soaps and such.

when the above wash Cycle is complete,

add the second half of clothes set your Washing Cycle accordingly treating it like a normal load. Your Washing machine will adjust the wash Load according to your settings.

Your Washing Machine Should now work Normal again.

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HELLO.. I try your method it did not work. I have a Bravos quite ser.300 . It ran the short cycle it drain well the hub / or the adgator moves clock wise to counter clock wise not a full turn. This machine has a electric field that turn the rotor . Replacing the actuator the problem???


Any one got the fix?


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