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Subwoofer making a low rushing, rumbling noise. sounds like wind

Whenever the dial on the subwoofer is on low or mid, anything except really high, it makes this noise. Hitting the thing quite hard with a hammer fixes this problem temporarily. Is it just a low grade piece of trash where this kind of performance is expected after a few years, or is it some sort of specific problem that might have a solution?


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Hi @underdog69

Please provide us the model no of your speaker.

there are some possibilities, like dry solder, worn out capacitor, etc.


@salmonjapan Hi, it's a Logitech X-530 5.1 system, have mostly been happy with it, but yeah the subwoofer is acting up : /

Cheers ^ ^


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@underdog69, This sounds like you have a speaker hum.

There are a number of reasons why speakers start to hum, one of them is a ground loop has been introduced, being the one most often seen causes. Another reason is as @salmonjapan said, dry solder joints or high ESR / shorted electrolytic capacitor(s). (You need an ESR meter to test the capacitors.)

I’d start by opening the sub up and inspecting the board inside and then evaluate. If you take some good quality and up close pictures, then update our question. Adding images to existing questions.

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